Going Green at Home

Eco-Friendly Flooring

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In all aspects of our lives, we are looking for ways to make a difference for our planet. Growing concern about the effects of manufacturing processes on our environment and the sustainability of natural resources makes us think twice about the products we choose, even when we decorate our homes. Today, consumers can choose from many beautiful, yet environmentally responsible products for walls, window treatments, furniture, and yes… even flooring.

At Uncommon Surfaces, we offer a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring options that prove that stylish and “good for the earth” go hand in hand. As going green gains momentum, we make it easier than ever to make a unique statement in your home while still having a conscience.  We can help you with your LEEDs credits and help you design a beautiful, environmentally friendly surface.

Environmentally Responsible Flooring

Re-Claimed Hardwood – using wood harvested from older buildings and homes provides the beauty of the past and lessens the amount of material placed into landfills.
Cork Flooring – the material used for cork floors is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree without damaging the tree itself.
Bamboo Flooring – this fast-growing woody plant requires no replanting and little fertilization, so it is rapidly replenished.
Eco-Friendly Laminates – are made of pre-consumer recycled materials.
Natural Carpets and Rugs – bio-degradable and chemical free rugs are made from natural materials such as hemp, linen, wool or cotton and often come with rubber backings made from recycled windshield wipers or bicycle tires.
Recyclable Carpeting - is made using materials that can be recycled to make new carpets again and again instead of ending up in a landfill.
Environmentally Conscious Suppliers – many suppliers offer products with “green labels” and protect the environment by planting more than what they harvest.