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Elegant, practical and durable, granite countertops are a natural choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite is an extremely hard, natural surface that is scratch resistant, heat resistant,


Hardwood floors are incredibly beautiful, highly durable and extremely affordable. Gorgeous colors and rich, natural grains make them a stunning feature in almost an area of your home.


Used for centuries, natural stone is beautiful, durable and thoroughly unique. While slightly more difficult to maintain than ceramic or porcelain, it makes an undeniable difference in your home and


Tile is perhaps the most versatile flooring material available. As beautiful as it is tough, tile has always been a popular choice for high traffic areas such as entryways, kitchens and bathrooms


Carpet is the universally popular floor covering. From sumptuous plush to rugged Berber tweeds, carpet offers great design while providing comfort, absorbing sound and providing insulation.